Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Important Things To Be Aware Of About Renting A Bouncy Castle

These days, the bouncy castles are a hot pick of every event where kids are involved. These castles engage and entertain the kids while allowing the adults to enjoy the eve without any disturbance. But renting a kids bouncy castle Kitchener is not easy. There are several things that you need to keep your eye on to ensure choosing the best castle for the kids.  Now here comes the list.

1. The bouncy castles are not balloons and therefore these need a continuous power supply to remain inflated. Besides, these are designed to leak air and therefore these should not be over-inflated to make those safe operating in the warm weather.

2. Bouncy castles are available in different sizes and shapes. So, before you order one, make sure that

  •  You have adequate space in your property to set it up
  •  In case you are planning to set it up outdoors, then plan where you want to set it up.
  •  There must not be any power lines underground or in the nearby areas.

3. The blowers of the bouncy castles must be connected to the GFI circuit. So, while renting kids bounce house Kitchener, you must ensure that the installer has a ground fault interrupt that is connected to the generator or wall outlet that is therefore connected to the blower cord.

4. The bouncy castle should have a visible device ID number that must be registered with the locality. Besides, you should also check the certificate of the company before renting the castle out.

5. The company from where you are planning to take the bouncy castle on rent should have professional installers. The installers should be trained and must have the license to ensure that they maintain the utmost safety when it comes to installing the castle. Don’t forget to check the cards.

6. Check the insurance of the bouncy castle business owner. In case there is no insurance
cover, stay away from that company.

7. Last but not least, make sure that someone professional from the bouncy castle business performs a thorough inspection during the installation process.

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